Our Policy

To guide the professional conduct of WETT certificate holders

  • A certificate holder will protect the rights and safety of others and use reasonable skill and judgement while engaged in the practice of wood energy technical work in accordance with the terms and conditions of WETT certification.

  • A certificate holder will not knowingly contravene any federal, provincial, or municipal law, regulation, or by-law relating to the sale, installation, inspection or maintenance of solid fuel burning systems.

  • A certificate holder will charge a fee that is fully disclosed, fair and reasonable, and only for services fully performed.

  • A certificate holder will not knowingly sign or issue a false or misleading certificate, report or other document

  • A certificate holder will not make a false, exaggerated or misleading statement as to the practice of solid fuel technical or advisory work, or make a false or malicious statement or publication that injures the professional reputation of a certified wood energy technician.