About Pro Sweep Plus

My name is Murray Jackson. I’m very proud to say I was born and raised in beautiful Victoria, B.C. Canada.

I’m the owner, operator and founder of Pro. Sweep Plus.

I started the company after working for a local wood stove & fireplace shop. In the six years I was there I devoted myself to learning all that I could about the wood heat industry. Starting at the bottom I quickly climbed up the ladder going from gofer to installer to head installer to sales up to manager.

During this time, I kept running into the same problems, the stove shop was too busy to do the small but important things for our customers. I found that I was getting called out on a lot of service calls that I thought the sweeps could be doing or could do better if they were more familiar with the wood stoves (and/or) systems they were cleaning. So I decided to become a chimney sweep and because I already know almost all the stoves and chimney systems on the market inside and out, I could save the customer time and money installing and cleaning their stoves and heaters, but most of all keep them warm, safe and happy.

“That was my niche and I set out to fill it!”

Pro. Sweep Plus Ltd. is actually a relatively new company with a 10 year history as Pro Sweep Plus.

The reason I decided to become a limited company is that my good friend Martin Herzog whom I have worked with on and off in the past few years decided to form a limited partnership. We first met while working at a local wood stove shop (Royal Oak Wood Stoves) and we developed a strong working relationship and friendship that seemed to make us virtually invincible to any problems that came along. (Yup! We were young then.)

It didn’t take us long to start thinking about starting a business of our own, but what about the steady paychecks? They were hard to leave and harder to get if you left, so we just continued to do the thing that we were best at. We almost bought Fiddler on the Roof at that time owned by a chap named Gordon which we dealt with quite often through the stove shop. We still kick ourselves because lets face it it has a great name and was probably the biggest sweep in town at that time. A lot of things in the sweep business has changed over the years and I like to think that Pro. Sweep has too.

I ran the business for a little over ten years as an un-certified sweep. That is, I taught myself how to sweep chimneys, but remember I was coming from a stove shop of 6 years and had far more experience than most if not all the sweeps out there had at that time. It still amazes me the amount of poor workmanship that people have to put up with in this town and the sad thing is it’s not just the lower priced jobs.

With Pro Sweep Plus Ltd. I can guarantee your home’s safety and your satisfaction. With the wealth of knowledge that comes from 25 years of work in the service you will not be disappointed!